Backup and disaster recovery - Peace of mind

Disaster recovery is the core of any good I.T. strategy. Aston’s entire standard and best practice policy has disaster recovery at its core. This strategy has been tried and tested at various clients over the years for various reasons, and in every situation serious down time has been averted.

Aston I.T. Solutions’ disaster recovery standards are defined as follows:

  • Disaster recovery is used both in the context of data loss prevention as well as data recovery.
  • I.T. disaster recovery forms part of business continuity planning, which is the creation of a plan for how an organization will resume in the case of an interruption of its critical functions within a predetermined time after a disaster.
  • The I.T. disaster recovery plan is an agreed business strategy and part of the business continuity plan that maps out the processes and resources required to restore the I.T. infrastructure.
  • When developing a disaster recovery plan Aston sets 6 IT Disaster Recovery Objectives:
    • Determine and define causes of events that could lead to a disaster.
    • Minimize the extent of an interruption and the severity of a disaster.
    • Defining the disaster recovery units.
    • Advise key personnel.
    • Minimize decision making during a crisis.
    • Facilitate the restart of essential operations after a disaster.
    • Establish advanced methods for limiting the magnitude of data loss and recovery methods in the case of data loss.