Internet Solutions

Aston I.T. Solutions is an Internet Service Provider (ISP), which means we can offer full turnkey internet connectivity and services at cost effective pricing.

Domain Hosting

Your website will be securely hosted on the latest hardware at a state-of-the-art data centre. The facilities at the data centre provide redundant power, fire suppression and outstanding physical security.

ADSL – Data Options

By electing to use Aston I.T. as your data provider means we are able to resolve data queries as your first line of support allows for quicker response times, couple this with extremely competitive pricing options.

Redundant Failover Wireless Connections

Having reliable internet access is critical for today’s business communications; Aston therefore offers redundant automatic failover wireless connections. The need for having a second redundant interconnection in the event of a primary ADSL failure has become paramount. Having a secondary link ensures that organisation network remains in service, the best way to avoid internet service interruptions is through redundancy.

Hosted Exchange – Email Service

Access your emails, address book, calendar and documents from different places

Cloud Based Services

  • Share information and documents, easily access line of business applications and improve your productivity with one of our Cloud Based Packages.
  • Use an Aston hosted telephone switchboard and have sophisticated telephony at a fraction of the cost of having your own switchboard.