Client Testimonials

"Desiree Sorrill" of a prominent firm of South African Attorneys

"We switched from our previous I.T service providers to Aston I.T Solutions in July 2011. Aston I.T Solutions took the time to understand our needs and did a thorough network analysis to ascertain the risks our network infrastructure was exposed to and what the solution thereto might be. Aston I.T Solutions took due diligence to ensure the security of the network infrastructure, taking into consideration that we work with highly sensitive and confidential government information.

From the first meeting, we felt like they were truly interested in building a lasting business relationship with us and to provide us with a network solution that is stable and which would fulfil our needs, not just another quick fix for the moment. During the installation and network upgrade, they spent hours upon hours of overtime to ensure that everything was working optimally (hours and hours of overtime that we weren’t billed for). With a network upgrade there are always trifling issues that arise, but Aston I.T Solutions’ after sales service has been exceptional and we are always assisted with friendly, always willing to help Aston employees.

Since Aston became our service provider, we have had minimal issues and any issues are sorted out immediately. Our productivity has increased significantly due to the fact that we do not have any down time on our server and in the legal profession that is of the utmost importance as you are continuously faced with deadlines. Knowing that we can rely on our network to work optimally at all times, gives us peace of mind knowing we can carry out our job.

Aston I.T Solutions definitely gets our stamp of approval and I can recommend them without hesitation."

"Yolandi Grobbelaar" the Finance manager of one of the companies in the Steinhoff Group

"We use to run our I.T-department in-house and had to deal with I.T-issues as and when they occurred, sometimes being offline for days whilst diagnosing or waiting to resolve a problem.

Since we’ve acquired the services of Aston I.T Solutions we no longer have to be afraid of downtime, due to I.T-issues, as Aston I.T Solutions have put preventative measures in place to ensure that we don’t have I.T-issues and if we do that we are up and running in a jiffy. Thanks to Aston I.T Solutions, our network infrastructure is stable and we don’t have sleepless nights about network crashes or hardware and software failure. We have dedicated consultants that are available at the touch of a button and take care of our every IT-need in a professional, timely and friendly manner.

Thank you Aston I.T Solutions for making our lives easier."

"Johan Coetze" the finance manager of a company that is the largest importer of tools with branches around South Africa

"Within the Service Industry service delivery, good client communication and achieving results form the backbone of every business and Aston IT Solutions are meeting these fundamental requirements by being equipped with up-to-date technologies as well as highly skilled and experienced staff to assist and solve I.T queries and/or problems.

There are many companies that claim to be I.T Service Providers, but only a few will look after your companies’ I.T infrastructure as if it was their own. It is this sense of responsibility and accountability that differentiates Aston I.T Solutions from their competitors.

Aston I.T Solutions always adhere to the highest industry standards in terms of infrastructure development, maintenance, control and the implementation of risk eliminating solutions coupled with their quality products and after sales service makes for a meaningful business relationship. As a long standing client, a good client service experience is delivered on a continuous basis regardless of which technician attends to our I.T requirements. Tasks are performed effectively and as unobtrusive as possible. Their services are always available if and when required.

Aston I.T Solutions offers fast and efficient service that adds to the overall experience of using hassle free I.T on a day-to-day basis."