Successfully solving the modern conundrum that is cybersecurity by balancing innovation with effective risk mitigation strategies that secure, predict and prevent.

digital Infrastructure
As organisations work to achieve greater competitive advantage through the automation of daily work functions and digital transformation programs that promise faster improved process, decision making, and operational insights the security risks associated these new technologies is often totally disregard.

There is no simple solution to mitigating Cyber-security risk. Installing a firewall and the latest anti-virus software will no longer protect an organisation against the profusion of new cyber-threats. Cyber-security is no longer just a tactical IT issue but in fact a strategic business risk that requires a more pervasive approach to security.

Aston is uniquely differentiated from its competition in that it that it has been combining the sale of services in cybersecurity and managed services for over a decade and has developed credible tools and techniques for providing a blended cybersecurity and managed services offering that sets it apart from its competition.

Astons 1-Network was developed as a proprietary secure hybrid cloud platform, designed to provide a cybersecure Infrastructure to companies who do not have the budget or resources to pervasively secure current cloud or on premises infrastructures by providing a secured infrastructure. 1-Network has been designed by leading cybersecurity practitioners to solve the current cybersecurity dilemma facing small and medium business (SMB). Using 1-Network infrastructure SMB’s are guaranteed world class cybersecurity governance, compliance, and technical controls at an affordable cost, by effectively splitting the cost between the global client base.